Specializing in, but not limited to, Fire and Rescue apparatus since. We take pride in our design dept. Our artist can take your idea to an end result, just send an example: (cartoons, abstracts,  murals, patches and seals), of your idea and we will do the rest, or just have a conversation with us.

     Our products are for those who know and understand the timeless beauty and quality of real leaf, gilded by hand, but want it easy to use and readily available.  We do not make our products out of sign gold. Our leaf products are exactly what they appear to be, real leaf gilded by hand in the traditional time tested method.


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     Paul Conway Shields is pleased to announce our newest division, Paul Conway Custom Shop, and their recent acquisition of Leo’s Gold Lion, Inc.

Leo’s Gold Lion Products “Leo’s” has been doing vehicle graphics for the past 71 years, specializing in fire and rescue apparatus.  They produced custom lettering, striping, stripe ends, Fleur d’Lis, scrolls, Maltese crosses, seals, department logos, US flags, cartoons, gold leaf graphics made with real leaf, gilded by hand in the traditional time tested method, along with creating any of your custom design requests.


     We are excited to add these products and services to our offering where we can enhance value and expertise to both Leo’s customers and existing Paul Conway Shields & Equipment customers.  This expanded offering applies to both our regular and large format printing services  


     Most of the processes that were used by Leo’s have been carried over into Paul Conway Shields & Equipment, so our new customers should not experience much frustration in our transition.  It is our goal to continue providing the same high level of service our customers are familiar with.  We look forward to doing business with our new partners.  

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