The Story of LEO’s  Gold Sign;

     Since 1941 this establishment has been creating beautiful custom graphics on everything from fire trucks and ambulances to race cars and hot rods.  Methods and materials may have changed since those early days, but the basic understanding of what makes a vehicle look good has not.  Although most of the work made now is done so with the assistance of computers and machines, the skills of what was once done by hand are still valued and implemented.

     This is a not a sign shop of computer geek's that have a clip-art CD and a cutting device.  This is a studio of artists and craftsmen who together have converted hand brushed artwork and lettering into computer programs.  Our imagery and fonts are all our own.  We will not force you into a graphics "kit" that on the surface appear to be convenient.  These limit your options to fit the needs of the seller and not you the client.  Furthermore, we don't mass produce soccer ball decals for the back of the minivan.

     One major benefit of having a history behind us is the fact that we know what you need and are willing to work with you to accomplish this. We have been involved in this industry from its roots and have had our hands in just about every aspect of it, from exterior paint formulations to fabrications and truck construction.  We know fire apparatus.

There are still a few gold gilders out there doing things hands on.  Where as this may be the preferred method, it can be time consuming and expensive.  Many sign shops can offer vehicle graphics that are unbelievably cheap, but be warned...  You'll get what you pay for.  Don't even risk having to remake a job. Get it done right the first time, and every time after that.  More than half of all our work is from repeat clients, either directly or indirectly.  These clients won't accept anything less than a job done right.

We practically wrote the book on emergency vehicle graphics, and we tend to be a little proud at times.  Understand that this isn't a lot of hype, we take the time to do things right and have tested all our products prior to release on the market.  We are the gold standard and our system works.

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About Paul J. Conway & Paul Conway Shields & Equipment;

"Protecting Those Who Protect Us”

     For Paul J. Conway, the founder of Paul Conway Shields & Equipment it was crystal clear as a wee lad that "firefighting was running through his veins”.  The "Conway Firefighting Legacy” spans 3 generations, dating back to the 1920’s in Newburyport, Massachusetts where his great uncle proudly served.  His father, the late Charles B. Conway served for 34 years with the New Berlin Fire Department (Wisconsin), 21 of them as the Fire Chief.  Paul knows his dad would be proud of him serving 31 years in the fire service, his last 28 years served on The Milwaukee Fire Department (Wisconsin) reaching and retiring June 29, 2012 with the rank of Assistant Chief of Operations.

     With the vast and expansive history of firefighters in his family, it is no surprise that Paul J. Conway takes great pride and has the utmost respect for the profession and when he founded Paul Conway Shields & Equipment 29 years ago that it would be done with this same time honored tradition.

     Paul created a new standard for helmet shields.  Using the finest leather sources, the strongest adhesives, toughest stitching and best tools to produce his shields, Paul Conway Shields have become a "firehouse name” across the country.  But he didn’t stop there; as he understood all too well how critical it is for all of our firefighters, EMS providers and police to be properly equipped with the best equipment available to them.

     Today Paul Conway Shields & Equipment is proud to be America’s #1 Helmet Shield Manufacturer, along with offering a complete line of quality protective equipment and safety products.  With production facilities and a retail store in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Paul Conway Shields & Equipment includes a full complement of professional in house staff and a dedicated outside sales staff, many of whom are firefighters who are all proud to say  "We are here to serve the most important people, those who protect us, "our fellow brothers and sisters” – America’s Bravest”.

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