All our leaf products are exactly that, REAL METAL LEAF, and the only vinyl in them is in the protective over laminate which is always printable. If your customer cares enough to request real leaf, don't give them imitation products. 

   Currently gold bullion is experiencing higher than normal worldwide market prices. Please, call for current rates on Leo's material option #3, 23 karat gold leaf. If your gold leaf vinyl is unaffected by these real market rates, then you've been had.


#1 - Smart Gold ®

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#2  - Smart Silver ®

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#3 - 23 Karat

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Our patented Smart Gold technology insures that you receive the best, field proven, hand laid, motor turned and authentic real leaf product in the world.  Thousands of proven installations throughout the universe can't be wrong.

#4 - Vinyl Leaf ®

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#5 - Reflective

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#6 - Smart Gold ® Reflective

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View vinyl colors chart - CLICK HERE

#7 - Smart Silver ® Reflective

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#8 - Cracked Ice ®

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#9 - Illusion Gold ®

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#10 - Illusion Silver ®

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#11 - Venice ®

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#12 - Vinyl

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View vinyl colors chart - CLICK HERE

#13 - Diamond Plate Silver

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#14 - Diamond Plate Gold

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However, if you and your customer could care less about leaf and just needs the look of a "leaf" material... AND you are interested in saving money versus what is more commonly available, we have an answer for that too.  For a superior metallized vinyl with an embossed surface, try:

 #8 Cracked ice, for the look of gold leaf vinyl.

#9 Illusion Gold, for the look of sign gold vinyl (large engine turn).

#10 Illusion Silver, for the look of sign silver vinyl (large engine turn).

#11 Venice, for the look of Florentine gold vinyl.

#13 Diamond Plate, for the look of diamond plate.

   We can't recommend #14 diamond plate gold to replicate any existing material, because to our knowledge we're the only ones who make it.

   All the golds mentioned here are not the pale yellow that is most commonly seen, but rather a deeper richer gold, so don't use it in conjunction with that other stuff.  By using the "Smart" method, these golden materials will outlast those imitators.

   If you need an even larger profit margin, while still maintaining the look of spun leaf, then #4 vinyl leaf is for you.  This is plain vinyl with an accurate representation of spun gold leaf printed over the surface.

   Even further still is the option of using imitation gold #12 vinyl or metallic gold vinyl.  No spins, but it looks as good as gold from a distance.

For proper installation of A7 Reflective vinyl please follow the link provided.


Final Face Film:

2.1 mm solid high gloss, premium cast vinyl film A/C permanent clear acrylic pressure-sensitive.


Outdoor Durability:

Minimum Surface/Ambient:

Air Application Temperature:

Service Temperature Range:

Chemical Resistance:

7 to 10 years, when properly processed and applied (vertical 24 hour exposure).

+45 degrees F

-50 degrees to +180 degrees F (reasonable range of temperatures which would be expected under normal environmental time and temperature conditions.)

Resistant to most petroleum based oils, greases, and aliphatic solvents. Resistant to mild acids, alkalites, and salts.

+55 degrees F

Fax: 262-782-4437 Phone: 800-955-8489

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