Standard 1/2" striping has traditionally been used to further beautify an already beautiful machine.

Leo's continues this tradition by offering standard 1/2" striping in all of our material types.

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Quit wasting your time laying down a vinyl stripe, and then a gold stripe over that, and then edge sealing the whole thing.  That's like doing two vinyl striping jobs and a two pin stripe jobs. 

   Our stripes are available with the trim and the protective edge seal already done for you.  This means less time spent striping.  All gold leaf and silver leaf stripes are protected with a clear extended laminate that covers the entire surface leaving it as smooth as the paint job.  Clear rounded squares called "miter caps" are available free of charge to protect exposed materials at stripe endings, beginnings, and joints.  As well, we try to include complimentary 90 degree corners that match your stripe to help with corners when it is possible.

   Standard 1/2" striping comes with an 3/32" black trim on both sides of a 13/32" stripe. It isn't exactly a true 1/2" stripe because it was designed to imitate the tradition of gilding a 1/2" stripe and using an 1/8" pinstripe to protect the edges, but custom stripes are not a problem and all colors and combinations are available. Also, stripes can have an optional auxiliary pin stripe off set a 1/4" from the main stripe, most commonly colored white.  To accentuate the apparatus further, try using some of Leo's Stripe Ends and Corner Scrolls.

   Aside from the standard striping, custom stripes are available and made to order in just about any size and material combination you require.  We can also match most "S" and "Z" stripes and tricky corners or a fender radius if provided a clear picture and/or precise specifications.

Please call for prices.

For a consistent shimmer on striping please ask for our new center spun striping.  Now available from Leo's, in Standard 1/2" #1 Smart Gold or #2 Smart Silver striping with black trim with, or without white auxiliary pin stripe only.  Other striping options soon to come.

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